Homeowner FAQ

Our partnership is based on a pay-for-performance model. This means that we don’t make money until you do. There is no better incentive for us to remain aligned with your goals in achieving success for your vacation home! As a result, we do not charge an Early Termination Fee for discontinuing our services ( a minimum of 30 days notice must apply). 

It’s not specifically required, however, very limited availability will have a significant impact on overall results, especially if during peak rental seasons. If rental availability remains an issue, it will influence our partnership.

We ask that owners provide linens, hand and bath towels, use of a washer and dryer and laundry detergent for the cleaning staff. Either cable, satellite, or a streaming service should be available at the home for guests use. We also encourage owners to provide WiFi if services are offered in the area. Guests are responsible for providing their own food, toiletries, etc.

No, pets are allowed at the owner’s discretion. However, we do assess a $75 pet fee for up to 2 pets that is payable directly to the owner in each instance. 

We use several of the most popular websites to provide maximum exposure: HomeAway, AirBnB, VRBO and TripAdvisor are the primary sites. We also prominently place your home on our own organic site as well.

We provide a private portal to our VRS (Vacation Rental Software) that you can access 24/7 to review bookings, financial statements, and block off dates for personal use, just to name a few options.

No, our cleaning staff will take care of any laundering needs at the conclusion of each guest stay. Their fees for doing so are included with each guest’ booking and we will compensate them directly from the proceeds.

We ask that a minimal amount of each item is available at the beginning of each guest stay. Guests are responsible for additional items after arrival.

We prefer that each owner purchase and install a smart lock on the front door to maximize security and minimize risk. We partner with BeHome 24/7 to offer these products and services and can provide more detail upon request.

As part of our commitment to guest satisfaction, we perform regular inspections, both pre and post stay to ensure the highest level of quality. As such, many times these inspections will uncover potential maintenance issues which we then communicate to the owner in real time. However, maintenance items and service requests are always at the owner’s expense and discretion.

Lastly, we don’t restrict an owner’s ability to use their home. it’s their home – they can use it!